Place for the main partner(s) in our competitions coming at 2016.


Contact our marketing team, Jyri Tengman and Olli Huhtapelto, we will negotiated a suitable package for you. Your company name  will be printed in front of the RACENAME.  This guarantees an extensive visibility and audibility during the competition. Our contact information will be found in "yhteystiedot" -page. Thank You.



Riihimäen Moottoripyöräkerho Kahvakopla Association was founded in 1969. We have a long history of  organizing motorcycle competitions through which the partners have a good opportunity to be featured on competitions.

We have several possibilities to offer You like the name of the competition, wristbands, the names of the special stages, hand programs, trackside advertising, etc. In the column on the right side tells you more about the different options.

If a Club with it´s 750 members are interested, please contact us. We will make you a customized offer according to your preference.

From “Contacts” page you can find our contact numbers. Thank you for your interest